Welcome to "Scrappy Wife University"! This online program is all about making creativity, arts, and crafts accessible to everyone. I truly believe that we are all born innately creative, but that the world tells us to focus on more practical things. We all have so much to gain from exploring our creative side, and I'd love to encourage you on your journey!

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"During these times, lots of people are looking for something to light the way. Elisa, the Scrappy Wife, fulfills that for me and gives bright, joyful tutorials that always makes my day!"

-Amanda Dale

Hi, I’m Elisa, the Scrappy Wife.

Hi friends! My name is Elisa, and I have a life-long love for school supplies and all things crafty. From being a little girl who filled her caboodles with sequins, beads, and art supplies, to the crafty classroom teacher always making her own visuals, and now as a mom with a passion for Bible journaling, I take every chance I can to have some creativity in my day. Born and raised in Texas, you’ll definitely hear me use the word “ya’ll”, but I’ve never owned an authentic pair of cowboy boots. I currently live in Virginia with my husband of 12 years. We have three kids who keep us on our toes. When I’m not busy chasing twins, or driving my daughter to any number of after school activities, I enjoy running, journaling, and like any good mother, deciding between mindless Netflix binges or actually getting the sleep required to function the next morning. The struggle is real!